Uvarovite, Mine Anna Madeleine, NC

Uvarovite, a new mineral at Anna Madeleine Mine

This week-end we visited the Yate – Mont Dore region to show the Great South to a couple of friends doing a trip in New-Caledonia. As usual weather in the South is rainy, but we enjoy a thinning to ride through the bush to Anna Madeleine Mine. The visit is the opportunity to have a good outlook on the Plaine des Lacs and to sample some specimens of chromite. The small  Anna Madeleine mine is indeed famous for providing a wide variety of chromite facies: anti-orbicular, orbicular…

On one of the bench of the small open-pit I noticed some greenish points nearby chromite mineralization. I think first of a nickel-bearing serpentine relatively common there. But by looking more closely with a hand-lens I can distinguish crystal faces and I quickly make the match with garnets when I find the cubic symmetry of the crystal. It’s uvarovite, indeed a small discovery … for the South of New-Caledonia, even if chromium-rich garnets  had been reported at Ile Ouen by Garnier and at Tiébaghi ​​by Lacroix.

Crystals are not very large (about 1 mm) and are always found in the immediate vicinity of chromite, some are associated with serpentine near gabbro veinlets (Ca intake), others are in the massive chromite, filling microfractures, but again the veins of gabbro should not be far away. Associated minerals include pinkish phyllites (chromium rich clinochlore?) and amphibole edenite (like at Tiébaghi​​).

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  1. KOEA Grace says:

    Bonjour et merci d’avoir partager votre découverte… Bonne continuation.

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